We're revolutionizing the way people work — by redefining what it means to be neighborly.

When Leah Busque realized she needed dog food and didn't have time to buy it herself, a very simple idea was born. What if one of her neighbors, maybe one who was already at the store, could help her out?

From this idea, Leah built TaskRabbit, an online and mobile marketplace that connects neighbors to get things done. Fully vetted, entrepreneurial professionals contribute their time and skills to helping people out, and those busy people find a little extra time in their days. Neighbors helping neighbors — it's an old school concept upgraded for today. We call it service networking, and it's changing everything.

Here’s how it works:


We connect...

We connect busy people who need a little extra time with entrepreneurial people who need a little extra money. It's an elegant, singular solution to two big problems.

... and empower.

 Participating in the TaskRabbit community provides people on both sides of the marketplace with the resources and freedom to do what they love.